Shelving Solutions for Small Businesses

Could your business space benefit form better use of shelving? This is an often-overlooked element of storage solutions. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, whether you’re working out of a home office, garage or workshop, shelving can often solve your storage needs easily.

Installing the right industrial shelving for your business is the key to an effectively organised workspace. You’ll get much better use of your available space, won’t be tripping over stock piled up on the floor or run the risk of inadequate shelving collapsing under the weight of your inventory. If you want to improve your working environment and productivity, investing in quality industrial shelving is a must for your business. For Industrial Shelving Ireland, visit

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Don’t delay but invest early on to get the utmost benefit from your shelving units. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new business with only small plans currently as investing in solid shelving will give you a great platform from which to expand. It will also save you money in the long run as you won’t have to replace it as business picks up but can simply expand into it as your business grows. Look for great value shelving that can tackle heavy loads, some of which are also available with workbenches included.

Industrial shelving is not just about storage but about improving your workflow as well. You’ll be able to store all your stock in one location, making it easier to pick out orders and dispatch quickly for your customers. It also makes easy work of inventory checks. This kind of shelving helps you avoid having to spend time rifling through disorganised stock.

There are many different systems and set-ups available for all kinds of businesses and individual requirements. One type is compartment shelving which is ideal for smaller items of stock. Metal racking is the preferred choice for bigger and heavier stock.

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There is no need to worry over complicated assembly either. Shelving is available in very simple to assemble and disassemble set-ups. This means that if your business expands or needs to relocate, it’s straightforward to move the flexible and highly versatile shelving units with you. Most industrial shelving can be put together in around 15 minutes with boltless assembly. This also means that the height of the shelves can be easily adjusted when in situ as well, making it ideal for changing stock.


Creative Resources to Surprise the Public in Audiovisual Events

One of the keys to any audiovisual event is the ability to attract the public and surprise them. And it is not easy in these times! If we manage to capture the attention of the attendees, and also amaze them, our efforts will be well worth it.

We are so accustomed to receiving thousands of visual impacts a day that, at the level of communication and marketing, it is a challenge to ensure that our message “sticks” with users or the public in attendance at an event.

How can we generate this differential value so that the public connects with us? Here we give you a series of ideas that event production companies can use to organise audiovisual events.

Ideas for organising audiovisual events

Here are 4 audiovisual resources that will make your event dazzle:

  1. 3D projections

Transform the space into a dynamic and vibrant environment with some magic.

Commonly, the majority of the public thinks that the mappings are projections on facades. Although, potentially any surface can be a dynamic video screen, and its spectacular effect stimulates and inspires the public without questioning it. Thus, a mapping can conform the global scenery of an event, be a punctual resource that enhances a product that is being presented or any possibility that our imagination allows us to devise.


  1. Collaborative technology

The main culprit of distraction for many attendees is in their pocket: the smartphone. By creatively integrating the smartphones of the attendees through applications or by extending the content of our event to the screens of the smartphones, this offers many opportunities to ensure that attendees are part of the programme of the event and end up living a more positive experience.

These event applications can be adapted to support question and answer sessions, network activities, live surveys, anything to make it easier to connect with our audience.

In addition, a well-designed event application can ease the burden on organisers by sending all relevant information to attendees, such as agendas, speaker information, presentations and messages from brand sponsors.

  1. Scenery, lights and environments

Play with the different scenographic elements and look to make an impact with lights and environments. This is a great asset especially in those spaces that may be lacking in personality. We can surprise the public creating a whole puzzle of environments.

Lighting and scenery allow us to create different spaces and lead attendees through a story so that they are always connected to our event. Give rein to your creativity and try this and other audiovisual trends.

  1. Interactivity

This resource allows us to bring the user closer to the product or event and cause a great impact. Take the case, for example, of a huge video wall that reacts to a simple movement of the viewer with their hand or body.

Interactive multitouch screens seek interaction and participation. They also provide solutions to our event helping us explain our arguments and giving information to the attendees.

Give your audience everything they need about the event and let them navigate from one screen to another, hide or show the images at will, etc.

Would you like to know how to integrate these elements in your next big event? Consult a specialist event production company in your area to maximise the impact of your next event.