Five Social Media Trends Predicted by Experts for 2019

Everyone agrees that social media continues to evolve year after year. When industry players define and invest in the new algorithms on how content will be shared, it triggers another shift in the landscape, moving everything in a new direction.

Going into this new year, among some of the hot topics in social media will be new developments in artificial intelligence and messenger bots, how social media is used in the political world, how it affects our mental health, and of course, privacy.

Below are forecasts from five experts on the direction that social media will take in 2019.

More Brands are Using Nano-Influencers

There is a trend showing the rising power of influencers with less than ten thousand followers. These are the nano-influencers. Companies are discovering that just because someone on social media has a high number of followers, a lot of those followers are passive and do not really engage with the poster. Nano-influencers with fewer followers give an impression of better authenticity. They seem more genuine in the eyes of the followers. That, in turn, encourages the followers to engage more. There are people who act as representatives for brands on college campuses, who post about the products in return for free items or payment. The cost to the brand is less than if it had used a traditional influencer. The brands can win over the nano-influencers with less because they do not get free things or great deals that often. Therefore, both sides benefit.

Advancement in Technology Will Connect with Social Media

Technology advancement cannot be stopped. Businesses will have to help people understand how this is evolving. Whether the discussion is about IT security, neuro-networks, hybrid clouds, or the widening use of tokenisation, companies will have to be creative in how their message can be visualised whether independently or with the help of a motion graphics company. The company must address this if they want to fill the demand for content through social media or other channels.

The Stories Format Will Increase

Stories, temporary content that disappears within a day, in social media will gain in popularity in the industry. Take what Mark Zuckerberg recently said about Facebook. He predicts that people will be looking less to the News Feed in 2019. He directed his departments to develop advertising products and features for the Stories format. Now, it is not known if the public actually prefers the Stories format more, or if they are just the recipients of Facebook’s aggressive bombardment of this format on all of its platforms.

Video on Social Media Will be the Norm

Social media video will play an important part in all aspects of society, whether it is education, commerce, collaboration, or engagement in real-time. It is the next best thing to actually being on location for the experience. If the social media producers get it right, social video will become the new “television” for the next generations.

Brand marketers must customise their delivery of social media video. They cannot generalise what their audience wants. They must know their audience more than just very well. They need to know what content their target market wants, which platform they use, and when they want the content delivered in order to hit the target. This is just not your traditional personalisation; this is hyper-personalisation.

How You Can Benefit from these Predictions

Everyone wishes there was a crystal ball, but only time will tell us if these predictions will come true. However, if you keep these in mind and understand how these trends will affect social media, you will be in a better position to develop an effective content strategy that will connect you with your target audience.